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Leaking Deck: Use A Waterproof Deck Contractor

General contractors and waterproof decks don’t usually go together very well. Most roof decks end up leaking due to poor design and use of improper waterproofing materials. The solution is simple; use a waterproof deck contractor that specializes in this area. Deck design and waterproof membrane selection are all now coordinated for a successful deck project.

Some major considerations in proper deck design include proper slope, a good drainage scheme, and roof grade flashing details around all edges and walls. Without these crucial elements in place, it really does not matter what waterproofing system you employ. Using a trained waterproof deck expert will dramatically reduce your risk when installing a deck over living space. Proper installation of waterproof membranes requires trained installers.

Design of the deck over living space should always be done in consultation with the waterproof deck contractor, before construction begins. Waterproofing systems must be complimented by framing details, drainage, proper substrate materials. Important elements are deck design, waterproofing systems, and related trades such as stucco.

There are a wide selection of waterproofing systems available on the market today. Two main types are liquid coating systems, and membrane based systems. Wood frame construction lends itself to membrane based systems which are more durable and can withstand structural movement. Most failures with liquid coating systems stem from cracks that develop over time due to expansion and contraction. These types of problems are almost non-existent with membrane type systems. Duradek makes one of the most well proven waterproof membrane systems. Many questions arise with respect to tile decks. While this is an entirely different discussion, keep in mind that tile and mortar are not waterproofing systems. Tile systems must first be designed around the waterproofing system being used. Experienced General Contractors can handle all of this for you.

Balconies and second floor decks typically have doors to access the deck. A critical waterproofing detail is to properly flash the door as part of the waterproof deck installation. Door pan flashing is a known detail. Less experienced contractors overlook crucial elements like this.

Proper design is crucial for second story decks over living space. Consulting with a professional waterproof deck contractor expert in advance will prevent many problems that are common to decks that are not planned properly.

Paul Gordon is president of Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc., a leading San Francisco Bay Area General Contractor specializing in waterproof decks , deck construction, stucco, and dry rot/foundation repairs.The company provides extensive services including plans, permits, engineering for additions, remodels, deck construction, waterproofing, stucco services, and foundation/dry rot repairs.

Paul Gordon is a leading San Francisco Bay Area general contractor. As president and founder of Golden Gate Enterprises, Inc., his company provides complete residential and commercial services

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